Human Library Cardiff Event on Saturday, 21st July.

Our next Human Library Cardiff (HLC) event is schedule this Saturday, 21st July, 12:00-16:00 at Meeting Room 4, Fourth Floor, Cardiff Central Library.

Human Library is just like in a real library, a visitor to the Human Library can choose a Book from a range of titles. The difference is that Books are people, and reading is a conversation.


Here is the list of books available for reserve now, we will be adding few more in the coming days.

List of Human Books for this event:

Title: G1 – Steadfast through Adversity

Description: Focus, through pain: There is nothing that we cannot do when we take ownership of our life and how we want it to be. The ‘easy’; or what is seen as the, option is to give up when we are faced with negative situations. I have lost a child, a survivor of domestic abuse, faced discrimination, faced health challenges….and yet I keep moving forward.

Title: G2 – You are a super hero!!

Description: On the journey of realising our true power. How can we open our eyes to our fullest potential? How can one be authentically awesome?!

Title: G3 – Do we keep bees or do bees keep us?

Description: Evidence of the relationship between humans and honey bees stretches back thousands of years and the craft has changed and developed over that time. Get answers for questions like What do beekeepers do? How do they do it? What’s the bees story?

Title: G4 – My gift of dyslexia

Description: 40% of self-made millionaires have dyslexia, it enables you to think differently and see the way in a unique way. My tale is one of wonder, creativity, entrepreneurship and shame.

Title: G5 – Living with dystonia

Description: Our human book was diagnosed with dystonia, a progressive muscular condition, several years ago. This could reset her lifestyle and the things she does, but she won’t let it! She talks about her condition, how she keeps positive and her determination to be independent

Title: G6 – Yesterday’s News

Description: Our Human Book is an award-winning Broadcast Journalist, who became known for reporting the news across Wales. But after a decade at ITV she left at the height of her career, with the aim of making documentaries and current affairs shows. Find out how she transitioned from being one of the most influential Correspondents in the Newsroom to a junior programme producer, before rising through the ranks again and launching a new television station as well as her own production company.

Title: G7 – Just when the think the story’s done, you turn the page, and another’s begun

Description: It’s all about transition times in life

Title: G8 – The Story Behind the Story

Description: Our human book has been writing for children for over 20 years.  Pick a book and she will tell you what inspired her to write it.  She also believes in the therapeutic nature of creative writing and would love to help you feel inspired and able to go and write your own story.

<<Few more books will be added soon…>>

Looking forward to seeing you at the event.

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